Heart + Mind = Influence

Heart + Mind = Influence

“The royal road to a man’s heart is to talk to him about the things he treasures most.”

– Dale Carnegie
Heart + Mind = Influence

When developing a speech, the heart matters. As intellectual as the topic may be, pulling in the listener’s heart is key to your speech’s success. Your delivery is part of that: are you passionate or clearly committed? Have you invested as you want your listeners to invest?

Your intellectual credibility is built by facts, and your emotional credibility is built by your heartfelt investment. That’s how influence happens.

If you are asking for donations for drug rehabilitation center, tell the audience how you are giving. Or (and) tell them how the center changed your life. If you were a patient who started genuinely fighting your addiction, say so. Or, if a loved one is now living successfully because of their help, say so. Or, if tragically, that loved one died because he rejected help or had other issues, say so. Say it honestly and vulnerably.

By all means, present data supporting the good of the center. Be sure to bring your heart to that data as you do. By helping your audience know your passion, they will grow in their own passion and invest accordingly.

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