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You’ve got a job interview coming up. Let’s role play through job interview training.

  • A first time career-level role
  • A promotion
  • A big change in required skill-sets

You can approach your interview with confidence.

We’ll train you for that interview from start to finish. Whether you are meeting human resources or the hiring manager in person or online, you’ll be ready.

You’ll know how to explain your upbringing, education, career so far, and life goals.

What should you say about a publicly known story about your life, whether it is a tragedy, crisis, or success? We’ll walk you through that and more.

We’ll talk about Zoom do’s and don’ts.

fear of public speaking

Three Plans

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You’re great at your job. Now, though, you’re in the hot seat.

You’re concerned you won’t communicate your strengths well. Maybe you know you’ve some tough questions about your career ahead, or there was some complicated news about you that needs to be explained.

We’ll work together so you’ll be in control of your career.

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