Let Me Coach You to a Successful Speech

Any speech requires preparation. I can help.

  • On-site or Zoom coaching from start-to-finish
  • Weekly or monthly training
  • Learn to project emotion
  • Techniques for learning material
  • Techniques for engaging an entire room
  • Techniques for webinars
  • Prop and presentation use

Public Speaking and Coaching

Public speaking training is probably the easiest way to advance your career.

Working from home? Workload easier? You want to do something useful with your time. Good for you!

Learn to be engaging and convincing from the podium or in the board room.

Public Speaking Training Options

  • Once, twice, or three times a week
  • As needed (work on a particular event)
  • Retainer: Guaranteed access for a certain number of hours each month
  • Group packages: one-on-one coaching for three or more at your company (great value)
  • Virtual or in-person

I’ve trained clients globally to write and deliver their speeches with power and confidence. They lead companies you know and have spoken at Harvard, Princeton, Amazon, and beyond.

Even if no speech is in front of you, conversation is. Whether you are involved in sales, managing people, or just chatting at a bus stop, the skills of a public speaker transfer well. I can come to your office or venue (travel rates are extra). Or, you can learn from your desk or living room. You’ll get some homework, but mostly, our time will be self-contained.

Customized to your needs, we’ll be efficient, quick-paced, and fun. Part of success in presenting is being relaxed, and although we’ll work hard, you’ll feel as an old pro soon. It isn’t complicated, but you will be tired. It’s friendly, fun, and you will learn something useful. Invest in your professional self.

100% customized. Small groups and one-on-one.

  • Best ways to begin and end your speech
  • Cadence (the speed and song as you speak)
  • Diction
  • Enunciation
  • Extemporaneous speaking
  • Fix flubs on the fly
  • How to hold a microphone
  • Online presence (how to present well on Zoom)
  • Specific speech delivery training (I’ll help you learn to give a particular speech)
  • Speech structure (the elements of a good script)
  • Storytelling techniques
  • Volume and tempo undulation
  • What to do during the 10 minutes (and two minutes) before your speech

Public speaking training doesn’t need to hurt.

When you need to be extraordinary, contact me.