Retain a Speechwriter

consultantDoes your team need a speechwriter for the short-term or for frequent use? Hire me per day or on retainer.

I can help your company meet its speaking needs. Whether you need a leader to coordinate a series of speakers, assisting them present their talks effectively, or the CEO needs someone he or she can count on over many months during major changes, I can help.

The advantage of having “your guy” is that I will learn and know your company, your product and your speakers.

When Do You Need an Consulting Speechwriter?

  • Retain a speechwriter and save money.
  • Big events (like a town hall) with multiple internal speakers.
  • Major change management initiatives requiring an array of communications (scripted voicemails, announcements, department-only talks, etc.).
  • When you’ve hired a VP of communications but their start date is three months out, or yours unexpectedly leaves.
  • When C-suite and VP-level leaders are capable, but overwhelmed.
  • When you need a speechwriter, but your HR budget only has room for a consultant.
  • An emergency thrusts your leaders to the podium, and you need speeches quickly.

I’ll work with your staff, from communications to creative to production, to create talks which engage, educate and influence.

You’ll have my time, attention and skills when you need me.

I’ll train each speaker to deliver their talk according to their strengths and per the nature of the content.

Solutions can include a mix of on and off-site arrangements, a certain number of hours or days per week or month, or a flat-rate for a series of related projects.