Christmas Year-end Speeches

Christmas Ornament

Merry Christmas!

The holidays are coming and you, the CEO, want to say something of substance to your team or to the entire company. You want to celebrate the year, the holidays, look forward to the next year, and highlight key victories and employees.

How long should you speak? What’s the best way to use this time? What if you are a Christian, Muslim, atheist, or other faith? Can this be done respectfully while not compromising your own views? Yes!

I worked part of my early career writing for religious nonprofits. I can help you navigate this speech in a way that encourages your team and stays true to your beliefs, all the while respecting the diversity of your employees.

We’ll discuss your company’s strengths and weaknesses from the previous year, the demographics of your team, and what the next year is looking like.

While it is true we live in a complex, global world, a Christmas speech can celebrate a great day and a great company. Let’s talk.