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My clients have raised 10s of millions of dollars. Hundreds of underprivileged students have gone to college. Huge deals were negotiated. Standing ovations, candidates elected, and wedding speeches galore. Client have offered these testimonials. Contact me.

That speech raised $2 million. I will use you again.
-president of a private college

The Dean told me my speech was the best he ever heard.
-speaker awarded alumni of the year at a major university

The speech was a huge success – an incredibly long standing ovation, embarrassingly long!
-a top executive at Twitter

They gave me a standing ovation.
-client who delivered keynote address at Howard University College of Medicine

(The Client) crushed the speech. Great job!
-brother of a high-profile client facing sentencing for a non-violent crime. Remorse speech. The sentence was significantly reduced.

The speech went great! Everyone thought it was funny as well as sentimental. A great mix of both. I really appreciate all your help and I am very impressed with your work and skill as a writer.
-Chris P., NE

Anthony placed into words what I felt in my heart and wanted to express to my friend on her wedding day. He listened to what I wanted and created a speech that sounded like me.
-Aimee B., Atlanta, GA

You made it so easy, my thoughts and words that you put beautifully together made it a pleasure to deliver, it left them with a tear in their eye and a smile on their lips.
-Richard M., New York, NY. Wedding speech.

The script was great. Thanks for all of your assistance.
-CEO of a major assisted living company. Annual speech to staff.

It was like you knew me.
-Lisa V.

It went AWESOME! Thank you so much for your help.
-Robert M.

It was like you knew us. When I got to the part when [a difficult event in his family’s life], I teared up. Thank you. This is exactly what I wanted.
-Dan B.

I never heard John express what he admires about Nya, and he nailed it.
-Debbie N., about her husband’s step-father of the bride speech


Testimonials like this are treasures. Contact me today to enjoy the same excellence.

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