My clients have raised 10s of millions of dollars. Hundreds of underprivileged students, as a result, have gone to college. Huge deals were negotiated. Standing ovations, candidates elected, and wedding speeches galore.

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That speech raised $2 million. I will use you again.
-president of a private college

The Dean told me my speech was the best he ever heard.
-speaker awarded alumni of the year at a major university

The speech was a huge success – an incredibly long standing ovation, embarrassingly long!
-an executive at Twitter

They gave me a standing ovation.
-client who delivered keynote address at Howard Medical School

The speech went great! Everyone thought it was funny as well as sentimental. A great mix of both. I really appreciate all your help and I am very impressed with your work and skill as a writer.
-Chris P., NE

Anthony placed into words what I felt in my heart and wanted to express to my friend on her wedding day. He listened to what I wanted and created a speech that sounded like me.
-Aimee B., Atlanta, GA

You made it so easy, my thoughts and words that you put beautifully together made it a pleasure to deliver, it left them with a tear in their eye and a smile on their lips.
-Richard M., New York

The script was great. Thanks for all of your assistance.
-CEO of a major assisted living company

It was like you knew me.
-Lisa V.

It went AWESOME! Thank you so much for your help.
-Robert M.

It was like you knew us. When I got to the part when [a difficult event in his family’s life], I teared up. Thank you. This is exactly what I wanted. Read more.
-Dan B.

I never heard John express what he admires about Nya, and he nailed it.
-Debbie N., about her husband’s step-father of the bride speech