Speech Writing Services

Speech writing servicesI write with your voice.

You are giving the speech. My job is to help bring your best self to the podium. When you and I talk, I listen to your speech patterns, learn what things matter to you, and gain a sense of your vocabulary, and apply this to your message. Whether you want your audience to laugh, cry, buy things or sell things, I will help you bring them there.

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  • On-site visits for delivery training
  • Phone coaching
  • Discreet and private
  • Retainer
  • Special arrangements for complex situations
  • Research and fact checking
  • Creative development and writing
  • Audience analysis/response evaluation
  • Timely content with a call to action

Below are common areas for which I have written. Whether you need a series of one-minute sales speeches for your team voice mail, an eight-minute funny best-man speech, a compassionate 15-minute eulogy or an inspiring 30-minute commencement or retirement speech, I can help.