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What can a speech writing service do for you?

You are giving the speech. You need a speechwriter. My job is to help bring your best self to the podium. I write with your voice. When you and I talk, I listen to your speech patterns, learn what things matter to you, and gain a sense of your vocabulary, and apply this to your message. Whether you want your audience to laugh, cry, buy things or sell things, I will help you bring them there.

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Speech Writing Service

So many types of speeches. I’ve got you covered. Whether you need a series of one-minute sales speeches for your team voice mail, an eight-minute funny best-man speech, a compassionate 15-minute eulogy or an inspiring 30-minute commencement or retirement speech, I can help. I can train you to deliver that speech.

I work with you. We collaborate to develop the best message, the most effective speech for your audience. You will be more confident as you approach the mic, and, more importantly, you will be effective. And you’ll sound great doing it. If you need a speechwriter, let’s talk.

  • Expert speech writing service by one of America’s top speechwriters
  • On-site coaching for delivery training
  • Phone coaching
  • Discreet and private
  • Retainer
  • Special arrangements for complex situations
  • Research and fact checking
  • Creative development and writing
  • Audience analysis/response evaluation
  • Timely content with a call to action

Speech Types

  • After Dinner Speeches: Quick words after a good meal
  • Anniversary Speeches: They’ve been there for years.
  • Annual Meeting Speeches: Bring every up-to-date and leave them inspired.
  • Athlete Talks: Your story, your way.
  • Award Ceremonies: Whether you are accepting the award or giving it.
  • Best Man Speeches: Do the groom right. Poke fun at the old times and encourage him for the future.
  • Business Speeches: Proposals, seminars and more.
  • Celebrity Speeches: You know they know your name. Give back.
  • Christmas Party Speech: Celebrate the year, your faith and more.
  • Commencement/Graduation: You’ve a great opportunity to help new grads understand true success.
  • Coaching: Let me help you learn to deliver your speech better
  • Corporate Events: I can help your team with multi-speaker events.
  • Crisis Management Speeches: Difficult things happen. Respond wisely.
  • Employee Speeches: When you to address your company, I can help.
  • Father of the Bride Speeches: Daddy’s little girl is about hear him say, “I love you.”
  • Fear of Public Speaking: I get it. Let’s reduce it.
  • Fundraising Speeches: I’ve helped raise millions of dollars. Let’s do this.
  • Eulogies (Funeral Speeches): Saying good-bye is hard. Let me help make it easier.
  • Groom Speeches: You are the groom. Got game? Bring it.
  • Inspirational/Motivational: I’ll help you take your idea in practical inspiration.
  • Job Interview Training: Be ready to get that job. Improve your career.
  • Keynote Addresses: This is big. Go large.
  • Maid of Honor Speeches: She’s your closest friend and she’s getting married.
  • Mother of the Bride Speeches: Moms have a special place with their daughters.
  • Political/stump Speeches: A positive, focused message.
  • Rehearsal Dinner Speeches: Like a wedding speech, only it is more informal.
  • Retirement Speeches: When the job is over, leave with style.
  • Reunions: Whether the old neighborhood or old school, you’ve a chance to remember where you’ve come from. Tip your hat to the old gang.
  • Roasts and Toasts: Let ’em have it and smile in the process.
  • Sales Pitches: Streamline your pitch. Start a conversation with my proven approach.
  • TEDTalks: We’ll work together to set your message to change the world.
  • Thank You Speeches: There are times when you’ve received. Say thank you. It is, after all, what your mama taught you, right?
  • Tributes: Sometimes, words are all you have. Give them your best.
  • Valedictorian/Salutatorian: Well-done! I can help (only college-age and up).
  • Video Scripts: I can help you structure and develop your script, complete with dialogue.
  • Voicemail Blasts: Short and sweet, these powerful blasts will bring your team to a new level.
  • Wedding Anniversaries: They’ve come a long way (or you have). Tip your hat.
  • Wedding Speeches: Someone got married. Say it well.

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