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Using a microphone? Hire a speech writing service.Speech Writing Service for Leaders

When your speech matters, writing it well matters. A speech writing service can help. Hiring a speechwriter can help you lead. Passion, conviction, and style start with the first sentence. They continue long after the call to action. Be that speaker. Become a more effective leader.

Speak with the eloquence of a leader. Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan all have employed speechwriters. So has every major business leader. You can too.

Your keynote speeches can amaze your audience.

I have written speeches for C-suite and V-level executives across the Fortune 500 world, as well as key leaders in nonprofits. From project manager to CEO, my speeches help my clients excel. Retainer arrangements are available.

Writing a speech is a perfectly-timed argument, guiding or teaching your audience to buy into your brand, method or ideals. Whether you need an elevator speech, or a 30-minute closing address, your audience will be engaged and ready to act.

Have your speech written with style and color, and set yourself above your peers.

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All the Help You Need

I’ll help you every step of the way, bringing in my broad knowledge of management, strategy, public relations, and conflict resolution into our work together. I’ve written on topics as varied as racial and socio-economic parity, to all sorts of business issues, to higher level education, and beyond. See my client list for more.

I love helping speakers deliver more engaging, more effective speeches. Let’s have some fun.

Are you working on your own speech? Check out my speech writing/public speaking blog.

Hire me to speak to your group or event. Here’s a few topics:

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