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Keynote: What I’ve Learned as a Speechwriter

I call this my “Speechwriter Speech.” I reveal (almost) all. Decades of writing speeches for some of the world’s most influential people has taught me a few things. In my exciting keynote address, I’ll show you how many of my speeches fall into one of a few categories. While each is unique, they draw from universal truths. I’ll explain lessons from each. Find out what a blmblmblm is (really, it’s a thing) and why butt glue is good and butt cement is bad. Ask yourself, am I that guy? How can I be that other guy? I’ll walk you through that as well. So hold on. Be ready for an intense, inspiring and offbeat take on life lessons. You just might learn something. Format: ​20-60 minute keynote This program is perfect for:
  • ​​Sales meetings
  • Leadership conferences
  • Awards events
  • Commencement addresses


  • The audience will be hungry to make changes in their lives.
  • They’ll laugh as they recognize themselves in the quandaries I describe.
  • Delivered by executive speechwriter, Anthony Trendl
Contact me to discuss rates and availability. My “Speechwriter Speech” awaits your audience.
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