Voicemail and Text Blasts

For executives who have something to say in under 60 seconds

When Saying It Quickly Matters

Whether you need a presidential alert or an all-staff message to go out, say it strategically. This can be voicemail or text (email blasts are rare these days). Similar principles apply.

  • Lots of people need your message now.
  • You need to go from “Hello” to a call to action quickly.
  • Persuade your audience to go with you, in one message.

Use a text or voicemail.

Your call to action might be to inspire your sales staff to sell more, or to announce something important across the entire firm. Such announcements require careful thought and delivery. You are about to tell hundreds or thousands of people something which could change their world.

Or, perhaps your company is embroiled in a crisis or tragedy — you may want to control gossip, acknowledge a major leadership change, or caution your staff about current news.

  • An economy of words matters.
  • Tone matters.
  • The message matters.

A voicemail blast is often the best tool to get the job done. Reach your entire staff in one efficient call. In 30 seconds, you need to get it all said, bring the listener from asking why should they listen to a calculated reaction.

Such messages are not the time to rely on just winging it. You need a script massaged to fit the message, tone, audience and intended response. Wordsmith and practice the script and watch engagement grow.

How I Can Help

I can provide the necessary strategic insight as well as the wordsmithing to make the impact you require. Whether you need a straight-forward script, or one nuanced to maintain a certain viewpoint, give me a call.

I can also help you deliver it. If you are planning a major announcement, or a series of regular messages, allow me to help you through every word. As these are often emergency voicemails, we can do this by Zoom, looking at cadence, tempo and tone.


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