Does Your Speech Need a Refresh?

Editing is important

Add Pizzazz to Your Speech

Do you know that feeling of resting on a cool, freshly fluffed pillow? Somehow, the morning looks more inviting. Coffee tastes more alive. Your breakfast cinnamon roll is warmer. The sun seems brighter. The pillow is the same you slept on last night, but now it is better. Does your presentation need an overhaul? Got a speech that needs a spark? How about a spring cleaning for your suite of speeches, something to bring them current and exciting? We can help.

Give your speeches that same new energy.

The process is similar as to writing from scratch. The difference is you give us the first draft, but the process on our end is just as rigorous. It is an economic solution to improving your presence at the microphone.

We can, of course, write a fully customized speech. Many clients prefer this as it presents a fresh take on their ideas. But often, clients have strong existing material and simply want to improve it. The wheel’s been invented; there’s no point in re-inventing it. What’s needed is merely a wash, buff, and shine.

This is more than updating numbers and other facts to bring them current. Every word is examined. The order of paragraphs, or even their existence, is evaluated. We match your goals and passions with the message at hand, and deliver a product in your voice.

You have stronger control over the material and message, and turn-around time is tighter.

You have a speech ready to go. Maybe you’ve given it a dozen times. Maybe it has never been heard. What matters is you know it can be better, fresher, and more powerful.

American Speechwriter will take your speech and revisit every line. Whether your speech needs a complete overhaul or a few tweaks, you can lift your speech into excellence.

What kind of speeches benefit from editing?

While it is true that most any speech will be invigorated, several categories should be especially considered:

  • Inspirational
  • Sales
  • Fundraisers
  • Graduation
  • Corporate events

It is more than editing.

While we will fix all necessary grammar, we review every phrase to ensure it leads to your goal. We can add new stories — those anecdotes which bring your speech to life. We find the poetry in old prose.

And we never over-edit. Sometimes, only the introduction and conclusion need sprucing up. Or, just a few select lines. This keeps costs in check.

As always, we collaborate. Your goals are our goals. Together, we will look at your speech and discuss what it does and what you would like it to do. This auditing process helps us see things through your eyes and provides an objective insight with what works well and what requires improvement.

If you regularly speak or have a series of similar talks, we can help redefine each speech for each new audience.

If this is what you need, please give us a call. You’ll sound like yourself, only better.

Let’s talk. Initial consultations are free.


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