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Professional Speaker for Schools Package

Bring me in for the day. Complete customization. Mix, match, modify. My Professional Speaker for Schools Package can be shaped to meet your school’s needs.

School Leaders: I want to speak to your school. I want to bring my unlikely story as a wayward student who became an adviser to international leaders. Inspirational, educational, funny, and engaging.

As a professional speaker for schools, I bring enthusiasm for learning and excitement for education.

I’ll Speak To…

  • A school assembly. I’ll talk about the wrong way to do success and the the right way to succeed. Imagine a practical inspirational address cutting through cliches and pretense.
  • Speech teams about real world speech writing. The study of rhetoric and the classics matters, but how do we write for real human beings
  • Literature classes about the creative process of a professional writer. How do we bring what we’ve learned about Edgar Allan Poe, William Shakespeare, and Nathaniel Hawthorne to business and other writing? How can great readers make money writing?
  • Math classes explaining Why Literature Should Matter to Math Students. Math students might wonder what J. K. Rowling can do for them. I’ll show how good books and good math should be good friends.

Rates vary based on specific needs. Full- and half-day options are available.

Contact me to discuss ideas.

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