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Are you hosting a panel discussion or giving a talk which requires a moderator? I can help.

I can moderate your meeting, bringing efficient leadership while helping facilitate engagement.

Witty, warm, friendly and relaxed.

As a moderator, I will draw out speakers with questions that push them in the direction you need, making the event the most it can be.

With a broad sense of culture, a strong general knowledge, and a quick brand of humor, I can help your audience feel connected with your speakers, keeping the event moving.

I’ll help shape the evening, interviewing each speaker pre-event to fully understand their views and talking points, appreciating their needs as well as the organizer’s intentions for session.


What I’ll Ask For

  • The event details: What, were, why, who
  • Anything you can offer regarding the speakers and the topic.
  • Contact information for the panelists.

The Process

  • You and I will talk so that I have a basic understanding of your goals.
  • We’ll agree to terms.
  • You’ll provide necessary information.
  • …and we begin.
Anthony Trendl Public Speaker

I’ll engage your audience and speakers.

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