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Speech Tip: Inspiration

Speech Tip: Inspiration. What is an inspirational speech? It is more than feeling good. It is about moving forward. Your inspirational speech is meaningless if it doesn’t push the audience to a new place. Push. Discuss on LinkedIn. Discuss on Facebook.

Speech Tip: Know the Venue

Speech Tip: Know the Venue. If you can, arrive a day or two early and practice in an empty auditorium. Imagine an audience watching you. Go through your speech a few times. If you have props or a PowerPoint presentation, use them (or pretend you are using them). Speak loudly, assertively, just as you will on […]

Speech Tip: Fundraising

Speech Tip: Fundraising. Fundraising doesn’t need to hurt. When you ask an audience for significant money, remember your mission. Do you believe in your mission? That’s half the battle. Let me help you with the other half. Discuss on LinkedIn. Discuss on Facebook.

Speech Tip: International Storytelling

Speech Tip: International Storytelling. Are you speaking to another culture? Consider how your audience will receive your stories. Like jokes, not all things translate. I once did a project for a former Major League Baseball player. His main audience was in India and in Europe. In India, cricket is the sport. In much of Europe, […]

Speech Tip: No Scrabble for You!

Speech Tip: No Scrabble for You! Don’t show off your vocabulary. Use the simplest word you can. Your goal is communication, not to prove you are a Scrabble champ. That is, unless you are a Scrabble champ speaking at a Scrabble event. Then, break out the lexicon.  Discuss on LinkedIn. Discuss on Facebook.

Speech Tip: Don’t Write a Speech

Speech Tip: Don’t Write a Speech. No, that’s not a plug for my services. That’s a reminder to remind you that your goal should be to communicate and influence. What do I mean, then, “Don’t write a speech?” Speechy-speeches are about the speech, not the message or the audience. They sound like they came straight […]