Speech Tip: Don’t Fold Your Speech

Speech Tip: Don’t Fold Your Speech

Speech Tip: Don’t Fold Your Speech. You’ve seen the guy reach into his suit coat and pull out his speech. It is folded as you would for a letter in an envelope. Don’t be that guy. Instead, be a pro. Bring your speech to the podium in a nice folder. Avoid manila folders, ones with […]

Speech Tip: Quotations

Speech Tip: Quotations. Use ’em. But, do your best to use quotes from sources you love. Don’t just search a quotations book. It’ll sound forced. Instead, as you are reading, listening to music — however you experience culture — soak up great quotes that way. Engage in the conversation on LinkedIn.

Speech Tip: How Many Pages is a 30-minute Speech?

Speech Tip: How Many Pages is a 30-minute Speech? How many pages can vary. There are roughly 4,500 words, though. Circa 150 words/minute. Each person delivers differently, plus matter of context, venue, topic, etc., change that. President Reagan delivered around 135 wpm, but, his context was all-ages and academic levels.

Speech Tip: Stories (Use Only the Best Ones)

Speech Tip: Stories. It is presently business cliche to point out how stories, well, tell the story. Some stories, though, are better than others. Use your stories to help your audience to imagine themselves as part of them. Help them relate to the goal of the speech. For example, you might want your audience to […]

Speech Tip: If You Wanna Work for Me

Speech Tip: This week, a fellow writer was miffed that I won’t hire a freelancer who isn’t well-read in the classics. He thought it a bit draconian of me. My reasoning is that I don’t want an ordinary writer. I’m looking for brilliance. I want my firm to be responsible for the greatest speeches ever […]

Winning By Failing

In high school, I was running the 1600 meter race in our conference meet. I was ranked maybe seventh but somehow found myself neck-and-neck with the top runner. With 300 meters to go, I decided I might never have this chance again. I went for it. I picked up my pace and worked into a […]

Speech Tip: Athletes

Speech Tip: Athletes, listen up. Unless you are Michael Jordan, your brand value will drop after you retire. If you want a career in speaking, prepare while your name is current. You’ll gain experience and you’ll be ready when you hang up the jersey. Work with a speechwriter, public speaking coaches, and so on. Be […]