How to Write a Wedding Speech

Heart + Mind = Influence

“The royal road to a man’s heart is to talk to him about the things he treasures most.” – Dale Carnegie When developing a speech, the heart matters. As intellectual as the topic may be, pulling in the listener’s heart is key to your speech’s success. Your delivery is part of that: are you passionate […]

Updated Social Media

In order to better connect with clients past, present, and future, American Speechwriter has updated our social media accounts. If you are following me, Anthony Trendl, elsewhere, great! Those accounts are still live and 100% active, but will be more about art, the creative process, and the vicarious life of a writer. The new accounts […]

Listening to Discover Voice

Listening is key at American Speechwriter. Writing in a client’s voice is the constant challenge. A client might say, “I want to have an exciting, passionate speech,” when in fact they will eventually prefer a fact-filled talk. Listening involves questions and follow-up questions and clarifying questions. But, even after a long conversation, listening cannot do […]

President Tom Kirkman Wings It (Should You?)

“‘Wing it? That’s an interesting communications strategy, Seth.” – President Tom Kirkman, “Designated Survivor” (Netflix) Kirkman caught an unexpected opportunity to speak to potential supporters during the third season of the popular political thriller. With no time to prepare a speech, he takes the mic and goes for it. He “wings it.” Or does he? […]

Free: Let Freedom Ring

Because men and women fought for my freedom, I am free to be a speechwriter. As a speechwriter, I am free to help others speak freely. Some of those men and women died in the process fighting. I am thankful and I do not, will not, cannot forget. To those soldiers in any country fighting […]

Facebook and Instagram: New Social Media

I’m adding a Facebook page and Instagram account to my social media world. Both will focus on speech writing and public speaking. Come join me. For more ways to stay connected, see here.

Text vs Style

Speech Tip: Text vs Style Great speeches always involve a great message. Personal charisma can help tell that message well, but it is the substance you need to be extraordinary. We envision great speakers as having amazing podium skills. They do, but what sets them apart is something quieter: the writing of their speech itself. […]