Speech Tip: Don’t Hire Me (DIY)

Speech Tip: Don’t Hire Me (DIY)

Speech Tip: Don’t Hire Me (DIY) I love my clients. I love new clients. Sometimes, though, and it makes me sad, you don’t need me. It’s true (cue the violins). That means you will do fine without a speechwriter. Your speech may be more nuts and bolts, and can be delivered straight-ahead. Other times, you […]

Speech Tip: Your Speech Will Be Heard

Speech Tip: Your Speech Will Be Heard Your audience is always bigger than those immediately listening to your speech. Be aware that whatever you say will reach the outside world. Speaking to a small gathering? 50 people? There’s no honest algorithm to suggest how many others will be impacted, but its influence will extend beyond […]

Speech Tip: You Gotta Represent

Speech Tip: You Gotta Represent Even when you are out of the office or off the clock, you represent your company. It isn’t just when you deliver a well-crafted, well-practiced speech. Right now, I’m sitting in a Starbucks next to a guy who doesn’t realize I often work for the boss of his boss. I […]

Speech Tip: Crisis Speeches?

Speech Tip: Crisis Speeches? You should prepare for a crisis. Too many companies do not. Sometimes, a crisis occurs and there is no plan. What do you do? Don’t panic. Instead, pull back and look at things objectively. What’s the worst reaction possible? What is the likelihood of that reaction? What is the expected reaction? […]

Speech Tip: Bring Your A-Game (Keynote Speeches)

Speech Tip: Bring Your A-Game (Keynote Speeches) As with any speech, in a keynote speech there is a call to action, but, as the highlighted speaker, the keynoter’s job intensifies. He’s the main event. He’s Ali vs Foreman, the steak and lobster, and the best wine of the night. The audience expects him to be […]

Speech Tip: Boldly Go (Inspire More Effectively)

Speech Tip: Boldly Go (Inspire More Effectively) When looking to boldly inspire, speaking loudly sometimes pretends to be boldness. Speaking with passion, speaking emphatically, is helpful. True boldness speaks to potential change. True boldness challenges the audience beyond their imagination but within their possibility. True boldness says, “We share a great dream. We can accomplish […]

Speech Tip: Fundraisers, It’s About the Kids

Speech Tip: Fundraisers, It’s About the Kids When fundraising, if you say to the audience, “Please give to these programs,” you risk your audience presuming your nonprofit’s executive director is making a bloated salary. If you tell that audience about how their donation will help individuals, they’ll feel better about investing in your work. Tell […]

Speech Tip: Be Afraid

Speech Tip: Be Afraid Actually, no. Don’t be afraid. Fear of public speaking is natural but unwarranted. It is called glossophobia, the fear of public speaking. More colloquially, it is called stage fright. You aren’t alone — 75% of all speakers find themselves afraid at some point. There’s nothing to be afraid of (unless the […]

Speech Tip: Be Content

Speech Tip: Be Content This isn’t so much of a speech tip as it is an obvious truth. I know a lot of wealthy people. Billionaires, celebrities, NYT bestselling authors. The happy ones understand success is about being content. This doesn’t mean they don’t want to be excellent or to have nice things. But they […]