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Looking for some freelance work? Excellent.

Let’s work excellently together. 


I’m looking for a few good writers (and more).

What I Want

  • Copy editors (specify which style books you know)
  • Content editors
  • Presentation designers (print and digital)
  • Public speaking trainers
  • Image consultants

Contact me. Be sure to include a link to an online portfolio and resume. Tell me your rate, what you do, and why you think you can help me. No nonsense. No braggadocio. Just give me an honest explanation of your skill set.

What Will Impress Me

  • You understand what a speech is. You know the difference between a press release and a press conference, for example.
  • Quick, high quality turnaround. Deadlines are often tight. If you can’t work under pressure, move on.
  • Confidence. I need a collaborative relationship, not a lackey. I still might ignore everything you say, so have a thick skin.
  • Intelligence. My clients are smart people. They are leaders because they are smart. Be just as smart.
  • Creativity. This means no corporate speak. It means you have your own mind. It means you are more interesting than your demographic, better than anyone on your high school speech team, and/or had the coolest presentations in eighth grade history class. Brilliance is what I want, not retread buzzwords.
  • Any writers I hire will be well-read in the classics. When we talk, I’ll probably ask you what you’ve read. For example, Dracula counts. The Bible counts. The works of Mark Twain counts. The Twilight series does not. Enjoy what you love shamelessly, but be sure to read the classics too.
  • Be professional. If I need to connect you directly with a client, you’ll need excellent phone presentation and interpersonal relationship skills.
  • Don’t call me. I won’t return your call and I’ll put you on my “not hire list.” I know, I know, that sounds impersonal, but seeing what you’ve done will help me more than hearing a spiel. You’ve got the web form. That’s enough until I have a project.
I’ll call if I need you. And despite all these rules, I’m a nice guy and will pay a proper rate.
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“Creativity is more than just being different. Anybody can play weird; that’s easy. What’s hard is to be as simple as Bach. Making the simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.”

Charles Mingus
American jazz double bassist, pianist, composer and bandleader

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