Special Events

Do you have an internal event coming up with multiple speakers? You are investing a lot in production. Be sure to give the same attention to your message.

Speeches for Special Events

A special events speechwriter is what it sounds like: someone to oversee speechwriting for special events. I can write, edit, and train.

Whether you are bringing together your managers to discuss strategy or your sales team to inspire them to new goals, I can help.

I can work directly with your company or with a third part event organizer.

A Special Event Speechwriter

I’ll meet on-site with each speaker and determine with them their strengths and weaknesses as it relates to their presentation.

I’ll learn what needs to be done. Do they need their existing speech fine-tuned or completely rewritten? Or, are they overwhelmed and need a sense of how to approach their talk?

Sometimes a speaker has too much material, or, conversely, not enough. What then? I’ll help them nail down their speech within seconds of their allotted time.

Then, over the next few weeks or months, we’ll continue to work together to refine their speech and walk through ways to improve delivery.

With emphasis on a cohesive message, branding, and event goals, I’ll aim all talks in a single direction.

Then, on rehearsal day, we’ll do run-throughs at the venue. I’ll coach them to the next level from whatever starting point.

My approach is intentional, friendly, and professional. We’ve got a job to do. Let’s do it well.

How to Get Started

Give me a call. Let’s talk through the basics of your event: date, purpose, message, how many speakers you’ll have, and more. I’ll explain my process, answer your questions, and we’ll go from there.

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