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Class: The World’s Shortest Elevator Speech

Are you giving a traditional elevator speech? Yeah? You talk too much. I can help. I’ll bring my intense class to your company’s sales staff and intensely teach them what I’ve learned after over 30 years in professional communications.

You Talk Too Much!

Elevator speeches go on too long. I’ll train your team how to get it done before the elevator door closes.

Format: ​45 minute training session

This program is perfect for:

  • ​New sales executives
  • Frequent conference and seminar presenters
  • Any staff with ambassadorial presence

The audience will leave with:

  • Turn your elevator speech into a dialogue
  • Winnow that talk down to the essentials
  • Learn to listen your way through unexpected conversations, leading to a real dialogue
  • Know when to go long and when to sum it up
  • Have a new approach to your first approach
  • ​Hands-on (expect to work)
  • Works best in groups of 5-7 people but is adaptable to large groups
  • Taught by executive speechwriter, Anthony Trendl

Contact me today to schedule the class.

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