Campaign Speeches

Political speeches are part of a campaign. Whether you are running for the top office or a local position, I’d like to help.

Need a Campaign Speech?

I can help build a speech communications strategy along with a series of campaign speeches. Use these when you speak to small groups, and in your stump speeches.

I’ve seen some impressive leaders come along, and I cheer them on with vigor. Like you, I want my community great. I want our nation great. I am an optimist, hopeful every step of the way. As such, my speeches always look toward what could be if we work together to build a better nation. I’m selective who I’ll work for. I need to believe in you and your platform.

Whether you are campaigning for yourself or another candidate or speaking in a non-political context (commencement speech or at a national event, for example), or using your profile to raise funds for something I believe in, give me a call.

Political Speeches With Style

I don’t come out of Washington DC. I was never a Young Democrat or Young Republican in college. As we talk, you’ll quickly realize my voice is different. My training as a writer does not stem from PolySci 101, but from a study of the classics. I have studied the great speeches in history, but look beyond the political stream for influence. That’s why my clients hire me.

I write with passion and enthusiasm, avoiding the tired clichés that often fill campaign speeches.

I’m positive. It is one thing to say, “My competition’s plan won’t work and here’s why,” and another to go low-brow and toss personal insults at him. You will shine as you speak firmly with graciousness and respect for all.

I can’t promise you victory, but I guarantee you’ll sound brilliant.

To talk political speeches, give me a call.

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