The Raging Giant : 22 Short Stories

The Raging Giant Blue Goldfish: 22 Short Stories

We are happy to announce our principal speechwriter, Anthony Trendl, has written a book. We invite you to take a look. The Raging Giant Blue Goldfish: 22 Short Stories is a collection of the kinds of tales your grandfather would tell you on the porch with a twinkle in his eye.

You and he both know the goldfish wasn’t as big as the title story says, or that turtles really can’t help drive a car. The one about the bad sportsmanship and the one about the wonderful dog could be true, but who can say?

22 fun and gentle stories. Occasionally outlandish and often sentimental, these will evoke the days of old storytelling told in a new way. Heartwarming, thoughtful, and entertaining. Goldfish, cats, turtles, funny little ghosts (and a couple scary ones), baseball, dogs, tea, amazing kids, and terrible ice cream. And a couple of favorites freshly retold.

Learn how some jet-set adventurers re-find their groove with their family. Discover what happened to the oversized fish in the river. Find out how one boy’s hope changes everything. Learn the real story about the ghosts in your house, the greatest dog in the world, and why there are fireworks after baseball games.

  • Mountain Cat Charlie Runs Again
  • How to Help the Ghosts Who Haunt Your House
  • Hunting With Elizabeth
  • The Raging Giant Blue Goldfish
  • The Green Forest
  • Richard’s Magnificent Olfactics
  • A Taste of Heaven
  • An Old Can Found at Andy Winnoway’s Place
  • Why Four Sheep Had Their Hooves on Backwards
  • Some Days Are Better Than Others
  • That One Kid
  • Mr. Smith and His Delicious Ice Cream
  • The Crematorium Ghost Cloud
  • My Biggest Game: A Baseball Story
  • The Boy Who Hated Doing Everything
  • Escape from Hicklebirkle Manor
  • The Ghost of Old Suwanee
  • Cannonball’s Run
  • The Boring Barrowman Boys of Bowing Burrow
  • The Legend of Jack, The Candlestick Jumper
  • The Princess and the Pea
  • Stone Soup

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