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Any speech requires preparation. I can help.
  • On-site or Skype coaching from start-to-finish
  • Learn to project emotion
  • Techniques for learning material
  • Techniques for engaging an entire room
  • Techniques for webinars
  • Prop and presentation use
  • Weekly or monthly training
  • Also see Fear of Public Speaking
Great speeches have great content. They also have strong delivery. The speaker knows his material, his audience, the venue and is ready for whatever could happen along the way. A pastor of a church I know writes his sermon and heads into the auditorium and goes through a few times mid-week. He would sneak in alone on a Wednesday and deliver his sermon fully miked, timing it to ensure he was within the range required. Similarly, a client who leads a major company’s sales division goes to the room where she gives presentations with key staff and does dry runs until she knows she will nail it on game day. The staff would sit in different places in the room and give her feedback as to everything from cadence to volume to enunciation. One client, a teacher, was chosen to give a commencement speech at a large high school. Thousands of people would fill football stadium and listen to him for 20 minutes. He had not given a speech beyond his brother’s wedding and was nervous. The football field was not available, but the gym was. We spent two hours going through every line. When commencement came, he delivered. They laughed and cheered. Another client wanted his TEDx Talk to be extraordinary, so I added a theatrical element, choreographing every step and designing every change of vocal tone. He practiced on his own, sent me audio of his delivery, and then we met. When you need to be extraordinary, contact us.

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