Narcissism Serves No One

Your speech should challenge and build others forward and better. It isn’t for you to brag about your accomplishments, to sell your book, or to push your consulting services. Let your authority be your authority, not your persona. The title of your speech isn’t, “Let’s Talk About Me.”

In other words, your speech is not an infomercial about how wonderful you or your services are. It’s to take your audience to a new place. It’s to help them understand why they want to donate to a particular cause, to make changes in their life so they will be healthier, or to take an action they are not presently taking. Or, if they are doing all of those things, to continue or add to those things.

Avoid the temptation of giving yourself a big hug on stage. Narcissism serves no one.

If you’ve accomplished some things which helped justify your presence at the podium, have the emcee or host provide a quick biography. That’s it. Avoid being self-indulgent, and focus on that which is salient for moving your message forward.

There’s nothing wrong with being proud of what you’ve accomplished, but there’s a lot wrong with making you the story. Even when you are delivering an inspirational speech with your story as the prime example, remember that even then, it’s not about you.

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