Name Drop

At American Speechwriter, we don’t name drop. We want to. We really, really want to. Our policy, though, is to keep our client list secret. We’ll tell you which companies hired us (unless they asked us not to), but we won’t mention names.

If we do, either it is already public information or the client gave us permission. That’s why presidential speechwriters will write books about their experience. It is public record. 

Otherwise, mum’s the word.

You might hear us say:

We did a thing for a guy who works for that company. You know the one. He’s speaking at a… what do you call it... at a place. He’s talking about some stuff. Real important stuff. 

Why So Secret?

Our clients and our firm have several reasons.

One is the client might like that their audiences believe they wrote the speech. In many ways they did. Rarely do we write without strong client input. They are the subject matter expert.

Another reason is to protect their ideas. They don’t want us spilling company secrets.

Along the way, we learn things about the company they might not be ready to disclose. It could be they don’t want the competition knowing their next steps, or maybe there are has been a scandal they prefer to handle as quietly as possible.

Sometimes it is to protect our firm. We don’t want to get in trouble for discussing how many anvils Wile E. Coyote is buying (shh… it’s a lot, but we think he is buying knock-offs).

Whatever the reasons are, we are careful. 

You know many of our clients, and we’d like to know you. Let us know if we can help.

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