Speech Tip: Set the Bar High (The Big O)

Speech Tip: Set the Bar High (The Big O)

Have you ever gotten a standing ovation? It’s a hard to describe feeling, but when someone receives one, they know. And they know they want another. It is like laughter to a comedian. It is a buzz like no other. No speechwriter can guarantee one and not all speeches are the sort which should get one. Just the same, aim high. Aim to deliver the best speech you can. The Big O isn’t really the goal, but giving the audience your best still matters.

Greatness isn’t going to come by accident.

It starts with big ideas. The audience won’t be impressed with mediocrity. They want something original. Give them something they’ve not heard before. If you listen to many inspirational speakers, few have something new. What do you have that’s new?

Writing it well matters. Of course it does. Don’t rely on a first draft. Work it out. Hammer down the bumps. Make it sing.

Practice it. Record  yourself. Video. Audio. Review until you are sick of it, then record it again.

Are you serious about rocking the podium? Get professional help. Learn how to approach the mic. Understand where to stand. What kind of gesticulations should you employ? When?

Then there is clothing. Consider your complexion as it relates to color choices.

Know what you want your audience to do. Does your speech lead there?

By looking at every element of your delivery, you have a chance to bring you best. Do this often, and you’ll improve.

When you aim high, aim with everything. Predicting and expecting a standing ovation isn’t a healthy or productive approach, but giving your best and hoping for a great result is. Go do that.

I’d love to help you at any step along the way. Give me a call.


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