Speech Tip: How do writers work well under pressure?

Speech Tip: Under Pressure. How do writers work well under pressure? I possibly have a series of speeches that require an intense schedule. Tight deadlines. If I get the project, I know what’s in store.

In the 1997 NBA Finals, Game 5, Chicago Bull’s guard Micheal Jordan had the flu or was suffering food poisoning. He looked tired. Anyone watching doubted he should be playing. He trusted his craft and drew from his experience. The pressure of the game was already there, but to be sick on top of that, oy!

Jordan scored 38. The Bulls beat the Utah Jazz 90-88.

Back to writing. First of all, it will hurt. There’s no getting around that for essentially almost two months, I’ll feel the strain. But how will I bring my A-game?

Craft. What are the principles of good writing? In my case, what makes a good speech? Do that.

Trust experience. I have many years behind me as a writer. I know what a successful speech looks and sounds like. Aside from craft, I’m drawing from experience. I won’t have time to test every line, run it by an editor, nor will my client. I just gotta do my best, work through the challenges, and know I’m good.

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photo: DOD photo by D. Myles Cullen, public domain

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