President Tom Kirkman Wings It (Should You?)

“‘Wing it? That’s an interesting communications strategy, Seth.” – President Tom Kirkman, “Designated Survivor” (Netflix) Kirkman caught an unexpected opportunity to speak to potential supporters during the third season of the popular political thriller. With no time to prepare a speech, he takes the mic and goes for it. He “wings it.” Or does he? […]

Free: Let Freedom Ring

Because men and women fought for my freedom, I am free to be a speechwriter. As a speechwriter, I am free to help others speak freely. Some of those men and women died in the process fighting. I am thankful and I do not, will not, cannot forget. To those soldiers in any country fighting […]

Facebook and Instagram: New Social Media

I’m adding a Facebook page and Instagram account to my social media world. Both will focus on speech writing and public speaking. Come join me. For more ways to stay connected, see here.

Speech Tip: Nervous?

Speech Tip: Nervous? I am. And there’s nothing wrong with that. A client is giving a speech tomorrow. He’s giving someone an award for a year of great service, and with it, thanks for a great 15 years. The client wants to knock it out of the park. I think I wrote a great speech […]

Speech Tip: Eulogizing President Bush

Speech Tip: Eulogizing President Bush The eulogy for President George Bush is loaded with challenges. I wrote similar things when John McCain died. Eulogies about public figures such as President Bush, 41, are hard for several reasons. Death is always personal, but the death of a president is always public. How do we reconcile that? […]