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Speechwriters specialize in a kind of writing that merges marketing, theater, public relations, sales, education and politics all in one presentation. We must know all of these fields. We all must know softer subjects like sociology, poetry, and pop culture. Great speechwriters are well-versed, avid readers of a myriad of topics.

Speech writing isn’t about saying new things. It’s about presenting a message in a speaker’s voice in a way which will be understood. There’s nothing new under the sun, and this is true in public speaking as well. That might sound harsh, but if you listen to Ted Talks, you’ll hear all the speeches with only a relatively few core messages. That’s OK. The real work, then, is making that speech your own.

  • An athlete invests in a massage therapist who understands his body and how to optimize his recovery from a workout or injury.
  • A movie star invests in an agent to help him find the best projects to focus his talents.
  • A CEO invests in an excellent assistant who knows how to help him get his job done effectively and efficiently.

When you invest in a speechwriter, you are hiring a strategic partner — much more than a wordsmith. He will counsel you candidly in how to best present your message. He recognizes you are the one at the podium, but he also knows you are open to his ideas.

I get to know you and your voice. The best speechwriters are not writing from templates, but creating a new work with every project. I learn your vocal patterns and cadence, as well as the unique language markers defining your speaking style (vocabulary, dialect, regionally phrasing, etc.).

There are times I tell a client they can write the speech themselves. Sometimes, whether it is due to an intense deadline or message control, it is the best way. Or, the message simply does not require the expense. There is a time to ad lib and speak extemporaneously.

Not all speeches require expert help, but when they do, be ready to invest your ideas. Help your speechwriter know what you want and what you expect. Just as you invest in your speech financially, invest your time. Give him access to necessary files quickly. Send him links, previous speech scripts and anything else you think will help do his job better.

I will help you write your speech. I will help you know the best way to deliver it. I can even coach you word-by-word.


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