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Speechwriter Gets Into His Clients’ Business

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Speechwriter Gets Into His Clients’ Business

Executive communications expert gets to know his clients on a personal level.

Atlanta, Georgia – “I get into their business,” says speechwriter Anthony Trendl.

Trendl, principal at American Speechwriter out of Atlanta, works with business leaders, helping them persuade internal and external audiences. Client relationships, he says, is what makes thing work.

“For me to do my job well, I need to know their business, as well as their unique role.”

Businesses leaders, he points out, aren’t all the same. While CEO translates to “chief executive officer,” how they lead varies. Because Trendl’s style involves capturing their voice, it is important for him to listen carefully and read everything he can about the client and the work they do.

“I tell clients the more they sound like themselves, the better. If they sound like Tony Trendl, I’m not getting the job done.”

Getting into their business, he says, takes a mindful look at their business goals and the expected high-level intentions of the company. But it also takes understanding how they see themselves, their employees, and who they are together.

For example, there are leaders who prefer a distance between themselves and their reports, convinced this leads to a sort of mystery, and with it, respect.

Other leaders want to personally know as many employees as possible, and do things like have lunch together.

Each has its strengths and weaknesses, but knowing which is which helps Trendl write authentically. 

He also asks questions that seem to have nothing to do with speech writing. One client, he learned, speaks five languages. Another gives millions of dollars to assist underprivileged university students. And another, the owner of a car dealership group, has developed his Tic-tac-toe skills to unbeatable levels.

“Who the CEO is changes the imagery, vocabulary, and tone I use,” he explained. “A client out of Dubai leads a major company, but has a fear of public speaking. Because I know that, I write in ways that not only build his confidence, but also, his audience’s confidence in him.”

What about the Tic-tac-toe guy?

I can’t beat him. He’s amazing. I drew once. He’s remarkably thorough when he works. That’s why he’s successful, and that comes through in his speeches.”

Trendl winds up learning personal things about his clients. He keeps their secrets and in many cases, becomes their friend. By “getting into their business,” he is able to help clients become better leaders.



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