Archie Bunker’s Eulogy

All in the Family cast 1976Archie Bunker’s best friend, Stretch Cunningham, died unexpectedly of a heart attack, and he is asked to give a eulogy. Feeling he is over his head, he enlists his son-in-law, the Meathead, to help him write the eulogy. Mike himself is an atheist, but Archie convinces him to include mentions of Jesus Christ, trying to be sensitive towards Stretch’s faith. What Archie does not know is that Stretch was Jewish.

When Archie approaches the podium, he realizes his written eulogy is inappropriate and does his best to adjust. He wings it in a very Archie Bunker style. What he really came to say comes through, and that is that Stretch was a good friend and that he’ll miss him. Edith is deeply touched, knowing that beneath Archie’s awkwardness, he did the best he could.

Funny and heartfelt, Archie demonstrates that love is the most important element of a good eulogy. We see Archie and Mike working together despite their differences. Archie learns a little about religious sensitivity, pausing to realize that he wished he knew his friend better.

Find it online, or, better yet, check it out in the context of the show (All in the Family, Season 7 on Amazon).


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