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Apollos Hester Inspiring Speech

Some inspirational speeches make you want to run through a brick wall. Such was Apollos Hester’s impromptu speech after a high school football game. This boy is enthusiastic, with the energy of a storefront preacher, the simple phrasing of Knute Rockne, and the joy of someone who believes what he saying. He is authentic, multiplying the impact of his words. We believe him

Do You Believe Yourself?

Too often, we overwrite. We try too hard to say the simple truths. Sure, beautiful phrases are wonderful in the ear, but the message can get lost in eloquence. Find that balance. This kid did and that’s why his interview is viral.

As you watch, consider his body language. Great eye contact and body carriage. Apollos is fully in the interview. He didn’t prepare but, at the same time, sounds like he prepared for years. His message comes from his core. When a speaker knows his message that intimately, he can’t help but be authentic.

I don’t know Apollos (Apollo, if you see this, give me a call — let’s work together), but what he’s got is rare in sports interviews. Most say so little. The athlete gives us a smile and some platitudes. “Well, we stepped up.” “I knew I had to take it to another level.” And the very not-so-juicy, “With the game so close, my teammates worked together for the win.” The opportunity to influence others is lost in mediocrity.

See what you can learn from this. Go forth and do likewise. Say what you believe and believe what you say.

“TWC News Austin reporter Lauren Mickler interviews East View High School Football player Apollos Hester after the triumphed over Vandegrift by one point. Hester’s post-game interview was one of the most inspiring interviews we have captured on Sports Night High School Blitz. VIDEO BY TWC NEWS AUSTIN”

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