5 Speech Delivery Tips

5 TipsThese simple techniques can help you stay prepared, organized, and efficient at the podium.

  • Print out your speech with page numbers, in a larger (18 pt) typeface, as well as 1.5-2.0 line spacing. This makes it easier to read and keep your place.
  • Never fold your speech. Instead, keep it in a file folder. Ideally, have nothing else in the folder. Leave everything else in your briefcase or at your table.
  • If it is only two pages, staple it to the inside, with page one on the left, and page two on the right. This will help you be more organized at the podium.
  • While practicing your speech, once you can read it fluidly, record it on your computer. Then, listen to it as often as you can. This will help you remember it. You will also be able to hammer out places where you need to tweak the pacing.
  • Let punctuation work for you. Think of commas, dashes and periods as musical notes. Let them remind you to pause or speed up, to look another direction or to stop abruptly. Do this and you will sound more natural.