Interviewing Skills

Interviewing skills aren’t mysterious. You know the job description, but there are key soft skills as well.

I’ve interviewed a lot of leaders and potential leaders through the years. Of course, they have the management and technical skills required to do their job. They also have confidence. As I prepare them to speak, I work to translate that confidence to the podium. So much of a great speech is about true confidence.

You might surprised at how many great speakers weren’t born into that skill. They stepped on stage prepared with a strong talk and a proper mindset. You can as well… even if that stage is merely the hiring manager of your next job.

When interviewing for a job, it is similar. Know who you are in a balanced way. Know the challenges of the job likewise. Ask questions when you need answers. Listen dialogically. This isn’t an adversarial conversation. The interviewer hopes you will be “the one,” or, can ascertain if you aren’t a fit. You both have that goal.

You can have confidence. Interview readiness isn’t for the few super-leaders. You can do this.

Let me train you to interview your best. Learn the interviewing skills you need.

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