A Brother Honors His Sister 

A Brother Honors His Sister 

Wedding Toast A Brother Honors His Sister
a success story

It was her second marriage. In lieu of gifts, memories were asked to be brought to the reception. Her brother had a great idea. After all, she was his big sister. He knew her as well as anyone, but was not a public speaker. He called me.

I asked him a few questions to learn who he is, what his relationship with his sister is like, and what impact he wanted the speech to have.

He was nervous, so we spoke about ways of remaining focused, calm, yet to know how to express his love for his sister.

I scripted a three-minute speech complete with tips for how he could deliver the speech effectively.

His response to what I prepared?

“It was like you knew us. When I got to the part when [a difficult event in his family’s life], I teared up. Thank you. This is exactly what I wanted.”