Speech Tip: Boldly Go (Inspire More Effectively)

Speech Tip: Boldly Go (Inspire More Effectively) When looking to boldly inspire, speaking loudly sometimes pretends to be boldness. Speaking with passion, speaking emphatically, is helpful. True boldness speaks to potential change. True boldness challenges the audience beyond their imagination but within their possibility. True boldness says, “We share a great dream. We can accomplish […]

Speech Tip: Be Content

Speech Tip: Be Content This isn’t so much of a speech tip as it is an obvious truth. I know a lot of wealthy people. Billionaires, celebrities, NYT bestselling authors. The happy ones understand success is about being content. This doesn’t mean they don’t want to be excellent or to have nice things. But they […]

Speech Tip: Sing a Song

Speech Tip: Sing a Song If you listen to a lot of inspirational speeches (and I do), you’ll hear words bandied about: Persistence. Perseverance. Tenacity. Apply them as you prep your own talk. A hard thing for a speaker to do is to edit their speech, but you’ve got to stay on it. Excellence isn’t […]

Speech Tip: Who You Gonna Call?

Speech Tip: Who You Gonna Call? A true inspirational speech has a call to action. People are motivated, ready to move forward. Maybe it is to buy more product (or sell more product). It could be to donate or volunteer for an important cause. Or, it could simply be to live out your faith better. […]