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White Lies in an Age of Dishonesty

White Lies in an Age of Dishonesty

HONESTY:  Hope Hicks admitted to lying. Do you remember? Horrible? Yes, but the thing is, she's admitted something we like to pretend (but certainly know) that our leaders don't do. That doesn't give her a pass. She lied. Period. Lying in whatever shape is deplorable....

Thoughts on MLK’s Dream

Thoughts on MLK’s Dream

At American Speechwriter, I'm in the business of writing speeches. Millions of speeches are delivered each year written by people like me or by the speaker themselves. Most are lost in the wind, but a few genuinely influence the world. This one: I Have a Dream –...

Speech Tip: Fold Your Speech?

Speech Tip: Fold Your Speech?

You've seen the guy reach into his suit coat and pull out his speech. Maybe it is a little dog-eared. A tiny rip  barely seen in the audience? What confidence! It is folded as you would for a letter in an envelope. He unveils his glorious speech section-by-section,...


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