Planning to Speak: Plan Your Speeches

Planning to Speak: Plan Your Speeches

planning to speak

Are you planning to speak? If you lead a company, planning is part of your DNA. Public speaking, in turn, is probably part of your job. You need to educate, inspire, and challenge. In some occasions, you’ll need to raise money, explain failures, or navigate a crisis. Plan for these.

When you do, you’ll have enough time to speak well. You’ll have your facts in check, your message focused, and your presentation shining. Less stress. Prepare.

Types of speeches you might expect:

  • All-company talks. These will encourage and inform your staff.
  • Annual report address. You might give this to your board or key investors.
  • Fundraising talks. These keynotes may be outside of the company, and support nonprofits and other efforts you are enthusiastic about.
  • Commencement addresses
  • Christmas party speeches
  • Retirement speeches
  • Eulogies
  • Sales events

You get the idea. There are numerous likelihoods. More than listed here. Even, to a degree, crisis speeches can be planned. As the main face of your organization, your employees, investors, and customers want to see excellence in each instance.

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