Inspirational Address to High School and College Speaking Package

Inspirational Address to High School and College Speaking Package

inspirational address to high school

I’m happy to announce a new program bring my own remarkable story to inspire and educate high school and college students.

So often, I’m helping others tell their story. It’s time I tell mine. I’ll also address different classes with specialized talks helping them understand the value and process of good writing.

I’ll talk about the wrong way to do success and the the right way to succeed. Imagine a practical inspirational address cutting through cliches and pretense.

I’ve worked with Olympians who fought to compete at the highest levels of their sport, business people who have built companies from $100 and a dream to multi-million enterprises, and billionaires who give ridiculous amounts to help those less fortunate. I’ve help clients address religious persecution, racism, and drug addiction. I’ve helped clients tell tales of heroism in big and small ways, protecting our country’s freedoms and the value of the smallest lives.

My own tale — the story of how I became a communications adviser to some of the world’s most influential business leaders starts with a “student least likely” expectation. Every step of the way seemed to lead toward and away from what I do now.

Hear my story of wrong turns and happy accidents. Find out how interacting with noted murderers, and how they weren’t worst of people I met. Learn how a chess board, Winnie the Pooh, and a high school track pushed me forward.

Throughout the entire talk, the audience will hear hope and joy, with a drive to a dream.

But Wait, There’s More!

Bring me in for a full day and I’ll address various classes.

I’ll talk to speech teams and help students understand what a speech writer does and what I look for when I hire a freelancer. I’ll also challenge the class with why I have yet to hire someone who studied rhetoric and why I want this to change.

I’ll talk to literature and creative writing classes. How can great readers make money writing? I’ll explain the art and craft of my creative process. Along the way, I’ll explain how certain writers influence me — how all writers draw from what we read.

And I’ll talk to math classes. No, not trigonometry. I’ll bring my talk Why Literature Should Matter to Math Students. Math students might wonder what J. K. Rowling can do for them. I’ll show how good books and good math should be good friends.

Give me a call. Let’s talk ideas. I’ll learn how I can help you students love writing and continuing education, and maybe, they’ll smile along the way. Let me bring my inspirational address and class talks to your school.

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