Listening to Discover Voice

Listening to Discover Voice

three people listening and talking

Listening is key at American Speechwriter. Writing in a client’s voice is the constant challenge. A client might say, “I want to have an exciting, passionate speech,” when in fact they will eventually prefer a fact-filled talk.

Listening involves questions and follow-up questions and clarifying questions. But, even after a long conversation, listening cannot do what only mind reading can do. In fact, the client themselves might not know.

Voice is more than linguistics, accent, and other language concerns. It is also about subtext and what drives the speaker.

Since mind reading is beyond my ability, I ask direct questions. The good clients understand and collaborate accordingly.

A good speech isn’t just the speechwriter interviewing the client and coming up with a perfect draft. That’s typing, not collaborating. You’ll get a weak speech that has the heart of an encyclopedic entry.

So when you are working with a speechwriter — me or anyone — remember we need your help. The experience and resulting speech will be better.

Let me help you speak with your voice. See Services.

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