Free: Let Freedom Ring

Free: Let Freedom Ring

American Flag - Free

Because men and women fought for my freedom, I am free to be a speechwriter. As a speechwriter, I am free to help others speak freely. Some of those men and women died in the process fighting. I am thankful and I do not, will not, cannot forget. To those soldiers in any country fighting for freedom, thank you.

Some might say those soldiers earned my freedom. They didn’t. They protected. What’s free was not given and cannot be taken. Being free — the freedom to speak — is an inalienable right. The law of Man only shapes how I use my freedom, but it is the will of God which provides it.

There are those who would deny me and my fellow Americans the opportunity to speak freely. And so soldiers must fight to force those enemies from our shores and those enemies who would invade our shores.

Let me speak to your group.

Memorial Day isn’t for celebrating. It is for remembering. We don’t remember the victories or the losses. We remember the men, the women, the soldiers who died. We think of the families who buried them.

In the meanwhile, we do celebrate freedom:

We speak. And we shout.

We write. And we sing.

We draw. And we act.

Whatever we do, we do it freely.

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