Public Speaking: Book Me

Public Speaking: Book Me

puppy bringing the news about public speaking

Those of you who follow me on LinkedIn know that I’m emphasizing public speaking. The quick gist is below, but for the full shebang, please check out my public speaking page

Public Speaking: Keynotes, Workshops, Breakout Sessions

* Clarity of Message. How to speak efficiently.
* Confidence Building. Your audience wants to hear from you. I’ll help your audience know it.
* Creativity and the Creative Process – How does writing really happen?
* Failure as a Positive: Going from the Bottom to the Top – Failure never stopped me. It didn’t even slow me down. I’ll explain why
* Storytelling. Get beyond the buzzword. Understand traditional literature in the context of speech writing.
* What I’ve Learned as a Speechwriter – A funny, intense look at things I’ve learned along the way.
* Why Literature Should Matter to Math Students – I announce my discovery of the end of pi, and help mathematicians appreciate great writing.

Get the details.

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