Speech Tip: Speaking Better by Running

Speech Tip: Speaking Better by Running

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Speech Tip: Speaking Better by Running

Here’s the scene: It is a few days before your speech. Maybe you are nervous. Why? Maybe you had a lot going at work. that happens. Maybe you didn’t sleep enough. Quit the late night espresso, OK?

At any rate, you just can’t get it together. Exercise will help.

Go for a run. You’ll blow steam. Endorphins will get moving. You’ll relax. Chill. You’ll breathe. In and out, and again and again.

I know one of you reading this is thinking, “I don’t have time to run.” Go for a walk, then. Bring your lunch. Wear headphones. Try breathing. You can do that while sitting. Walk up the stairs inside of using the elevator.

If you did it right — whatever speed you went — you’ll be sweaty and out of breath. Catch it, and try again. Turn up the stereo as you grab a cold drink as you get ready. Rock out. Move around.

Expect to be lucid and able to remember. Listen to yourself perform your work better. You’ll find your rhythm and you’ll discover new vigor.

My focus on running is because, I’m a runner. I get it. It is logical sense. it is common sense. For me, it is experiential sense.

What George Says

The late George Sheehan, writer for Runner’s World Magazine once said:

“Running is just such a monastery– a retreat, a place to commune with God and yourself, a place for psychological and spiritual renewal.”

I agree on all points.

What Gretchen Says

The jury is still out if running makes you smarter. The general view is that it does, but how isn’t clear.

In her NY Times article, Can Running Make You Smarter, Gretchen Reynolds says:

“There is good reason to think,” she said, “that any amount of exercise is going to be better than none” for brain health.

Let them work on that. In the meanwhile, know it helps. Now get out there.

If you need coaching, I’m here.

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