Speech Tip: Cheap Talk (Take Action)

Speech Tip: Cheap Talk (Take Action)

Speech Tip: Cheap Talk (Take Action)

We often hear, “Talk is cheap.” Talk isn’t cheap if you put value on it. Oftentimes, a speechwriter is involved in inspiring people. People expect something pithy from us. We try to deliver, but the greatest speeches aren’t from podiums.

A powerful form of speech is the sort that is accompanied by example.

  • If you say, “We should care for the poor,” back it up with your personal involvement with resources and time.
  • If you say, “Help the homeless,” back it up by helping the homeless by writing a resume for someone, or, if you can, hiring them.
  • If you want our national leadership to be kinder, be a kind as you want someone else to be.

More Ideas

The list goes on. If you don’t know what you can do, watch this next week for opportunities. Call an area church and see if they sponsor a food pantry. Call a pregnancy center and bring a case of diapers. The next time you are at a fast food restaurant, offer to carry an elderly person’s food to the trash, then open the door for them. If you are in a café, have $10 ready to buy the coffee of the person in front of you.

The Opposite of Anger

The opposite of anger is also the opposite of hate. We live in an angry world. If we are among the angry, we can point out why. We might be angry at oppression, injustice, or mere apathy. A great response is to do more than complain. Complaining is easy and requires nothing more than a Facebook account. Helping the lonely person next door is action. Having an unemployed friend’s family to a nice dinner (often) is action. Walking through a park with a bag, picking up garbage is action.

Cheap talk can be stopped: Complain less. Love more.

Here are some of the organizations I love you might love too.  Giving back – Philanthropy.

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