Speech Tip: Ch-ch-changes (Speak Effectively)

Speech Tip: Ch-ch-changes (Speak Effectively)

Speech Tip: Ch-ch-changes (Speak Effectively)

Want change? Be real. Too often, speakers try to sound like their vision of a professional speaker rather than an effective communicator. One talks. One engages. Pick the better one.

Sometimes — too often — I’ll receive resumes from young speech writers who are trying to sound like whatever politician they like, or like they just came out of debate team. That’s not what I need because that’s not what my audiences need.

It goes this way sometimes with clients as well. They naturally want to sound like a leader. However, rather than sound like the leader they are, they try to sound like another leader.

This sort of thing plagues TedTalk speakers. They go on YouTube or the TedTalk popular talks page. Good! Understanding what others are doing well is important. Unfortunately, they imitate too much and lose their voice. I had a client recently who tried so hard to sound TedTalk-ish (is that a word?) that she lost her own voice. She didn’t know what she sounded like. Even though she had done amazing things helping secure fine arts in her school, she wound up sounding like just another generic speaker.

Originality isn’t your goal. Being effective is. Draw lessons from those who have trod the path before you, but don’t pretend to be them.

Mimicry isn’t as effective as authenticity.

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