Speech Tip: Be Content

Speech Tip: Be Content

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Speech Tip: Be Content

This isn’t so much of a speech tip as it is an obvious truth. I know a lot of wealthy people. Billionaires, celebrities, NYT bestselling authors. The happy ones understand success is about being content. This doesn’t mean they don’t want to be excellent or to have nice things. But they know true contentment has nothing to do with upgrading the Corolla to a Lamborghini.

It will impact your speeches too. “Be like me. Do what I do…” and so on is nice, but what if you are unhappy? Does your audience want to be like you if you are miserable? What’s the inspiration in that?

As I write, I’m content. Yeah, my work pays my bills. Let me give you context: I’m on my porch. It is sunny, with a light breeze, and 70°. A neighbor’s dog is barking as he plays with his children. Three cardinals flew by, and more birds than I can identify are discussing their day. I’m working a speech for a successful woman, a leader in a major financial institution, who will be speaking to young women about mentoring.

I’m doing what I love about a topic that means something for someone happy to be giving back, all during a beautiful morning.

Give me a call and I’ll be happy to help you too.

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