Speech Tip: Practice What You Preach

Speech Tip: Practice What You Preach

Speech Tip: Practice What You Preach. Do you give inspirational speeches? Got a commencement address coming up? How about educational ones? Are you doing what you say others should?

We all know of clergy who have been caught doing the opposite of what they preach. As disappointing as that is, we need, as those in the public eye through communications, to work to not be that guy. Be other guy, the one who does already what he says, and then says, “You can too. Here’s how.”

Do you believe in what you are saying? Would you believe a lazy man who watches TV all day talk about fitness? Do you trust a woman who lives in a castle to teach you about caring for the poor? If someone says, “Quit smoking,” while lighting up, oh my!

I know some who wants to lift up the SEO performance of my company (Google me — how am I doing?) while having no significant presence of his own. I don’t believe him.

I know another guy who wants to help me make money but he himself is barely making it. Maybe I should teach him?

We’ve all friends claiming we should XYZ, but all they do is ABC. It doesn’t mean they are wrong. The lazy guy might know his stuff when it comes to fitness. The rich woman might be spot-on in how to help the poor. We know that the smoker is right when he says smoking can kill you, but his ability to persuade is weakened by his continual addiction.

Take a look at your next speech. Ask yourself, “Am I who I want my audience to be?” Look, we are all imperfect. Failure to be who we esteem to be is part of life. Working on living out your own speeches is where credibility happens.

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