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I won't write your homework speeches.  

A girl called me today. "Can you write a persuasive speech?" she said.

I then asked a series of questions regarding length, context, and subject.

"Anything. It can be about any subject at all. It is for a class."

I knew this already. No one needs a persuasive speech for anything but a speech class, typically in high school. I pressed further.

"Will the teacher be judging your speaking or how you write a speech?"

"Speaking," she said.

"Oh? Then why hire someone? Why not find a speech online or in a book? There are plenty out there."

"The teacher is very particular about plagiarism," she confessed. Of course the teacher is.

I went on to tell her it was unethical for me to write her speech. It was cheating. 

I receive calls like this frequently. I'm not surprised. We live in an era in which pirating movies and music is not given a second thought. Our culture is full of those who will easily lie, cheat and steal. However, no client is worth me lying. I won't cheat for my corporate clients, and I won't lie for a student. It is one thing to put something in the best light possible. It is another to distort the truth. 

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